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At the Center for Hormonal Wellness our mission is to provide an individually tailored program to help balance our patients’ hormones, to give compassionate and holistic care to every patient, and to promote wellness throughout the lifespan. We strive to empower our patients by providing them with the ability to make positive changes in their lives.

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In sickness and in health, we’re here for you and your loved ones. Contact us today.

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Dedicated to Healing

Our team share a common commitment to patient well being, professional integrity, and education. Find out more about our team and why we are the right medical staff for you.


Medical Director

His Philosophy is very simple; "Take Charge and Live Better"

He believes in empowering you with the knowledge for a better quality of life.

  • Board Certified in Internal Medicine
  • Specialist in Male hormone therapy
  • Completed residency at Kern Medical Center (UCLA affiliated program)
  • Has been actively practicing Functional Medicine for over 10 years


Nurse Practitioner

Sherri has found her passion in treating women with hormonal imbalances with Bio-identical Hormone Therapy. The profound changes in their lives fuels her energy to spread the word and educate as many women as she can.

  • BSN in Nursing
  • Nationally Certified in OB-GYN Nurse Practitioner
  • Graduated from Indiana University
  • Completed a Women’s Health Practitioner Program from Harbor General-UCLA
  • Active in the American Women’s Association



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We specialize in "Functional Medicine Bakersfield", and "Hormonal Weight Loss Bakersfield", our office is called "The Center For Hormonal Wellness", located in downtown Bakersfield on Truxtun ave.


Center for Hormonal Wellness

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